43 Wedding Photo Shoot(Seoul)


Kim's Travel has ‘Once In A Lifetime’ wedding photography packages for group departures to Korea which include guide and transportation.

Wedding Dress Rental Availabe:

$480 for Bride for Two Wedding Dresses.

$195 for Groom for a Tuxedo

If you paid $2,160 you can take wedding photos at Wedding Photo Specialist Studio by professional photographer and beauty make-up is included.

And also photos taken at fantastic spots by professional potographer. You get 200-300 Wedding Photos with an album of 30 photos.


A charming city with a long history and beautiful natural landscapes attracts numerous couples to gain their sweetest overseas wedding photo.


* Photos taken at Fantastic Spot by driving guide

  • Capture your happiest moments
  • Enjoy a carefree, fun wedding shoot at Fantastic Spot by driving guide


  1. Seoul