44 Wedding Photo Shoot(Jeju)


Kim's Travel has ‘Once In A Lifetime’ wedding photography packages for group departures to Korea which include guide and transportation.

Wedding Dress Rental Availabe:

$480 for Bride for Two Wedding Dresses.

$195 for Groom for a Tuxedo

If you paid $1,860 you can take wedding photos at Wedding Photo Specialist Studio by professional photographer and beauty make-up is included.

And also photos taken at fantastic spots by professional potographer. You get 200-300 Wedding Photos with an album of 30 photos.

Jeju Island is known as Korea’s ‘Honeymoon Island’. Thus, it is not unusual to chance upon happy couples garbed in their hanbok (traditional Korean costume), walking together in conjugal bliss.  For honeymooners and shutterbugs, Jeju Island is a true paradise. During spring, mountains are veiled with colourful spring flowers such as azalea, open fields are awash with the bright yellow rapeseed flowers and streets are lined with cherry blossom trees.
The whole island is so picturesque that couples will find a perfect photographic spot at almost every turn!


* Photos taken at Fantastic Spot by driving guide

  • Capture your happiest moments.
  • Enjoy a carefree, fun wedding shoot at Fantastic Spot by driving guide.


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