Little Saigon

An authentic Vietnamese restaurant with a comfortable interior, serving food made with ingredients imported from Vietnam.

Operating Hours
Monday - Friday - 11:40 - 17:00
Sunday - 11:40 - 22:00


Some menu items may differ slightly in price and are subject to change without notice.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls (L) - $35
Vietnamese Summer Rolls (S) - $25
Seafood Pho - $12
Pho - $8
Pho Bo - $9.5
Cha Gio - $7.5

Maximum Seating Capacity - about 50

* Subway
1. Abgujeong Station (Line 3, exit 2) : go 1 stop towards the Galleria Department Store, and get off at the Hanyang Police Station

2. Gangnam Station (Line 2, Exit 9): Walk straight down the bar street for about 5-10 minutes until you see the Paris Baguette Café. Hang a left, and Little Saigon will be on your left on the ground floor

3. Sinsa Station (Line 3, Exit 8): Walk straight down and turn left when you see the big mobile phone shop. Left turn onto the Watsons convenient store and go stright until you see the low hill on your right side. You will see the restaurant on your left.


  • The service is friendly and abundant
  • This company operaters franchise stores in Gangnam, Apgujeong, Grosu-gil street, Galleria Department store, and so on


  1. Little Saigon (Garosu-gil Street Branch)