Samjung Hotel

Located in Yeoksam-dong, Samjung Hotel has established itself as a grand hotel, proud of its history and tradition. With our recent renovations, you can feel the elegance of a special class of hotel while maintaining all the old touches that are familiar about Samjung Hotel. 

Most of all, Samjung Hotel has tried to establish a hotel with interiors, gardens and parks that help guests can feel comfortable and rested in our relaxing environment. Built on a large space of 9,900 sqm, the main building with 12 above ground stories and 2 basements along with the new 2-story building built in 2005 create delicate harmony. Our hotel has 160 guest rooms, three large scale banquet/wedding halls, and five food and beverage stores. Our subsidiary facilities include a sauna, tourist cinema, restaurants and a wedding gallery. The parking lot is the largest in Gangnam, facilitating excellent access to the hotel. The wedding/banquet halls that we newly built in 2005 have made Samjung Hotel the place of repute for weddings in Gangnam, set to reach 500,000 guests in only 3 years. 

Now, with September 1, 2009 as our mile stone, Samjung Hotel is preparing to take you to the next level with its enhanced quality. We will always try to plan from our guests point of view with the motto "Together with you".

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