Gurye Sansuyu Festival

03.21.2015 - 03.29.2015

Gurye Sansuyu Festival is an annual spring flower festival that takes place in the Jirisan Mountain hot springs area. Major programs include cornus fruit liquor making and cornus fruit makgeolli tasting, while other programs include traditional music and dance performances and fireworks displays.

-Ritual Ceremony for Good Harvest
-Gugak (Korean traditional music) Hanmadang
-Sansuyu Singing Contest
-Family Concert
-World Traditional Music Performances, etc.

Gurye-gun Sandong-myeon,
Jirisan Hot Springs area

Homepage (Korean only) 

Performance Event

- Sansuyu healing garden concert

- Opening ceremony 'Old custom! Chun year's Renaissance'

- Sansuyu Festival K-pop Concert

- Sansuyu Kkotdam-gil Street performance

- Sansuyu Flower garden Concert,etc

Experience Event

- Sansuyu Love letter

- Sansuyu Treasure hunting

- Traditional Game Experience

- Sansuyou tea tasting event

- Making Sansuyu Soap

Display / sell Event

- Gurye local foods restaurants

- Gurye Special Product Market


  • Enjoy a wide variety of performances and other events.
  • Admire the beautiful scenery.



  1. Mt. Jirisan