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Hotel MANU stands out as a spectacular presence among a host of high-rise urban cityscapes with flat structure and reminds us of a goblin’s magic club that fulfills every dream of ours. In terms of its unique outer appearance, it safely deserves its title as the landmark of Seoul, but does not ignore even the details. 
The two asymmetrically protruded windows in every room offer a kaleidoscope of urban views according to the angles. Guests can look even the blind spots that, being covered by the gray buildings, otherwise could have been unseen. Hotel MANU tells the tourists a special story that will remain in their memory.


Hotel MANU’s concept of design is made from the viewpoint different from those of other business hotels. The design was made from the color therapy concept that traces the moving line of the guests and guarantees their psychological stability. When guests open the door made of natural wood with distinctive texture, they can appreciate the color of nature and can have the most convenient feelings. Beige, soft green and wood brown colors that produce the image of the relaxed sunlight and landscapes greet the guests. Each space offers not only simple styling of furniture but also the pleasant feeling of leaving the complex downtown and entering into the green forests.


Hotel MANU does not exaggerate the convenience of professional business hotels. Guests at Hotel MANU deserve the services with delicate consideration and the best facilities optimized for business. Guests can freely move into the Internet surfing and SNS on a broad and clear screens through the 32 inch smart TV sets equipped in every room. I-phones and I-pads, android-based notebook computers, mobile phones and large and small digital devices are inter-convertible each other. USB connectors that help charge mobile phones and portable digital devices and the wireless high-speed internet network will work as the business partners that help the guests enjoy convenient travels and make business trips. Besides, each room is equipped with the illumination with subtle atmosphere and the clear LED lighting so that the guests can carry out their business conveniently. 

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- Standard Double
- Standard Twin
- Corner Suite
- Triple


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    Toegyero 19, Jung-gu, Seoul 
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