Seongsan Sunrise Festival

On December 31, January 1, and 2

Launched in 1994, the Seongsan Sunrise Festival is held on top of Jeju Island’s Seongsan Ilchulbong or “Sunrise Peak.” The site is the most famous place for seeing the sunrise on Jeju Island and attracts a large crowd of tourists throughout the year. However, the place is especially busy on New Year’s Eve when the festival (on December 31, January 1, and 2) is held. A variety of festival programs awaits them for tourists who come to see the first sunrise to reflect on the past year and make wishes for the coming year.

Seongsan Ilchulbong area


Festival Overview

As the clock ticks its way towards midnight on December 31, people start the countdown around the performance stage, which is set up at Seongsan Sunrise Peak. In celebration of the New Year, there is a torchlight show, a campfire and fireworks. A traditional shamanic ritual called gut is performed along with other fascinating performances. Also, famous vocalists and entertainers perform during an outdoor concert.
The main event starts on January 1. In every port, fishermen turn on their boat lights and sound their whistles in unison to celebrate the New Year. Also, as the sun rises, a golden tape is cut, while visitors are entertained with a theatrical play, band and jazz performances. Against the backdrop of the sunrise, a New Year’s concert is held for the pleasure of the visitors. Other events include a mounted police parade, a pungmul performance, a mandarin orange eating contest, and a food market serving hot and tasty foods.

(Source: Visit Korea)


  • Celebrate the New Year with a torchlight show and a campfire and fireworks
  • Enjoy Events include a mounted police parade, a pungmul performance


  1. Seongsan Ilchulbong area