Lotus Lantern Festival

05.15.2015 - 05.17.2015

The Lotus Lantern Festival is held every year on April 8th (lunar calendar) in honor of Buddha's Birth. The festival is preceded by hanging of lotus-shaped lanterns across Seoul for several weeks, and officially kicks off with lighting of the Jangeumdang, a large lantern that symbolizes Buddhism and Buddha's Birthday, at the Seoul Plaza


  • Jogyesa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple
  • Dongguk University areas
  • Cheonggyecheon Stream areas


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Programs Schedule

1. Buddha’s Birthday Celebration Lantern Lighting
- Venue: Gwanghwamun Square 

2. Exhibition of Traditional Lanterns 
Meticulously crafted and exquisite lanterns made of hanji, traditional handmade Korean paper, will be on display. Each lantern tells its own story with its warm, cheerful light. 
- Dates: May 15- May 26, 2015 
- Venue: Jogyesa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple and along Cheonggyecheon stream 

3. Eoulim Madang (Buddhist Cheer Rally) 
Lantern parade participants, arrayed in their traditional hanbok costumes, will rally together with laughter and dancing before the lotus lantern parade begins. 
- Date: May 16, 2015 Saturday 16:30-18:00 
- Venue: Dongguk University Stadium 

4. Lantern Parade
Behold a brilliant ocean of light from the countless handheld lanterns and the grand ornate lantern floats in the festival's main attraction. Not to be missed.
- Date: May 16, 2015 Saturday 19:00-21:30 
- Venue: From Heunginjimun Gate in Dongdaemun to Jogyesa Temple, along the Jongno Street

5. Hoehyang Hanmadang (Post-Parade Celebration) 
Following the parade, participants and spectators come together to end the festivities in a spirit of dedicating one's merits to others. Buddhist entertainers put on a show and the audience gets into the act, dancing hand in hand. Fondly called the ‘Flower Party’ by foreigners, it is a joyful night with flower petals raining from the sky.
- Date: May 16, 2015 Saturday 21:30-23:00 
- Venue: Jonggak Intersection (Jonggak Station, Subway Line 1)

6. Traditional Cultural Events 
Visit the booths to make lotus lanterns, create Buddhist art, try temple food and play traditional Korean folk games. There are also booths introducing the Buddhist cultures of Tibet, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia. 
- Date: May 17, 2015 Sunday 12:00-19:00 
- Venue: Street in front of Jogyesa Temple

7. Cultural Performances
Traditional Korean folk performers and performers from Asian Buddhist communities will perform. 
- Date: May 17, 2015 Sunday 12:00-18:00 
- Venue: Performance Stage in front of Jogyesa Temple

8. Yeondeungnori 
The grand finale of the festival features a mini lantern parade around Insa-dong, accompanied by the Lotus Lantern Performance Groups. A joyful conclusion to a festival full of energy and harmony! 
- Date: May 17, 2015 Sunday 19:00-21:00 
- Venue: Gongpyeong Intersection, in front of Jogyesa Temple 

* The detailed information is subject to change. 

9. Chopailbeobyosik 
- Date: May 25, 2015 Tuesday 10:00 
- Venue: Jogyesa Temple and all temples in the nation 

10. Gwandeung Uisik (Lantern ritual) 
- Date: May 25, 2015 Tuesday 19:00 
- Venue: Jogyesa Temple and all temples in the nation 

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  • Enjoy the meticulously crafted and exquisite lanterns made of traditional handmade Korean paper.
  • Hundred thousand Lotus Lanterns brighten the heart of Seoul!


  1. Jogyesa Temple
  2. Cheonggye Stream Park
  3. Dongguk University