Boryeong Mud Festival

17~27 July, 2015 It is one of the most publicized and memorable, well-being festivals in Korea which takes the form of an experience themed festival where people apply mud on their body and throwing themselves on the mud. Centered around the mud flats of Daecheon Beach, the festival offers programs such as mud flat overcoming event, mud flat experience, marathon and other unique events. Various linked events including city tour programs for major tour sites of Boryeong and night events will take place during the mud festival period. The shell-shaped white sands of Daechon Beach allows visitors to enjoy both the water and the mud. (White sand area: length – 3.5 km, width – 200 m) 2-hour drive from the urban areas and convenient transportation from countrywide allows easy-access to the location. It is the largest festival that garners the largest foreigners participate in South Korea.