Nonsan Strawberry Festival

04.01.2015 - 04.05.2015 Every year in mid-April, Nonsan, Korea's largest strawberry producer, holds a festival in celebration of this tasty and nutritious fruit. At the Nonsan Strawberry Festival, visitors can pick as many strawberries as their baskets can hold, and also try different food made with strawberries such as strawberry rice cakes, hot sauce, pancakes and jams. Other events include an exhibition, cake baking, and fireworks display. How to Particpate Strawberry Picking Program - Participation is limited to approximately 1,000 people per day. - Application for the program is available onsite. Phone reservation is highly recommended. (Click here to see the list of strawberry farms and phone numbers.) - Shuttle buses are available to take participants to and from the designated strawberry farms. Homepage (Korean only)