About Korea


• Time Zone: GMT +9 hours

• Climate:
Korea has four seasons; spring starts in March with beautiful buds blooming in all colors to welcome the sunlight and warm weather after cold winter days. It is followed by summer and a month of monsoon season in July. The autumn months are famous for its spectacular foliage and cobalt blue skies. For those who love winter sports, Korea offers three months of snow and ice at its numerous ski resorts. The island of Jeju off the southern coast is the warmest place in the country.

• Language:
The official language of Korea is ‘Hangul’ - Korean. English is taught at every school from elementary to high school however, not used in everyday life among Koreans.

• Getting There:
Korea is accessible by direct international flights from most major cities around the world, into either Seoul, Busan or Jeju. Getting around between key destinations is easy by flights, high-speed trains or highways.