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 “Safe Travel in Korea” guidebook for international travelers

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has published a new guide book called “Safe Travel in Korea” in English, Japanese and Chinese. 

The guide book is designed to provide travelers with information on how to have a safe, convenient and comfortable stay in Korea. The book contains important phone numbers, useful expressions, safety procedures and other travel resources. There is also list of hospitals and medical centers that provide foreign language services for patients. 

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[Korea] KTO launches "Korea Travel Guide" mobile app

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) recently launched a mobile tourism brochure called “Korea Travel Guide” in an effort to make it easier for international travelers to appreciate Korea’s tourist attractions. The app was developed based on the results of a recent study which showed that travelers prefer reading e-books than printed materials. In addition, the KTO also focused on reflecting today’s mobile travel trends as more and more FITs (Free Independent Travelers) use a mobile device to consume content and find travel information online. 

This application provides useful travel information and is also loaded with some interesting features such as a location-based search tool, audio support, archiving, updated currency rates, and weather forecasts. The app’s visual design and user experience is also more intuitive for users, allowing them to swipe through the pages just like flipping through a book. Users can also bookmark pages, jot down notes, or take photos. Sharing on social media channels or testing your language skills while you’re on the go is also quick and easy through this app. 

The “Korea Travel Guide” is a free app and can be downloaded on Googleplay and AppStore. Operator data charges may apply when you’re using 3G or 4G networks.


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“Gyeonggi-do Coupon Book”

A book that provides explanation for easy and convenient touring in Gyeonggi-do using subways and public transportation. You can make trips to tourist destinations in Gyeonggi-do at cheap prices.

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"Interactive Map" by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

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Korea Travel Guide 2015 by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

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"Incheon Airport Guide" Applications

You can receive real-time status notification of your flight.
You can also get a view of all shopping stores, facilities and airport information just by one touch.

Don't get lost in the airport anymore!
Don't know what to do and where to go for departure/arrival processes?
Don't know how to spend the remaining time until your flight?
Have you missed the plane because you were too into shopping?
Now, you can rely on Incheon Airport Guide mobile app.

From the departure/arrival guide and navigation inside the airport to real-time notification of flight, you can enjoy easy journey to and through the Incheon airport!

1. Flight Information
Simple search of departure/arrival flight schedule at the Incheon International Airport

2. myPlan
Real time notification of flights on your bookmark
Quick search and add of stores, facilities and transportations info

3. Directions At The Airport
Directions from the current point to destination.

4. Welcoming/Meeting
Arrival flights information & Arrival status in animation

5. Transportation
Information on transportation to/from the airport such as buses, rail road & taxi

6. Airport Information
Airport attractions, Land mark VR, Augmented reality(AR) of store/facilities, etc.

7. Parking Guide
My car location service, Parking fee calculation, etc.

8. Translation Service 
English/Chinese/Japanese translation service.

Enjoy your journey with the Incheon Airport Guide mobile app. Thank you!

*Please be alerted that an error may occur if you force this app to be terminated.


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What is Koreastay?

Koreastay is a Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) brand that certifies city accommodations. Selected homestays and guesthouses provide international visitors a special opportunity to experience Korean culture and lifestyle by living with a Korean family. Koreastay hosts are carefully selected after undergoing strict assessment of such criteria as residential environment, guestroom & cleanliness, mindset, service and convenience.

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