Terms of Service

Kim’s Travel is a licensed travel agent for incoming trips to Korea. In order to help at the best its customers, Kim’s Travel is proposing in this website a non-exhaustive list of services, in Republic of Korea(South Korea), performed by third parties and kindly ask its customers, as a matter of facility and clarity to use the specially prepared reservation forms for each service.

1. Contract conclusion

These Booking Conditions apply to the person making the booking and all other persons on whose behalf the booking is made.
With the verbal or written registration (i.e. the booking from the customers) in which Kim’s Travel or one of their businesses can execute, a binding contract exists between the customer and the organizer. Through the booking, the customer acknowledges the general business conditions as part of the contract between him/herself and the organizer.
The person making the booking must be authorized to make the booking on behalf of the members of the party. The person making the booking must also provide a copy of these booking conditions to the other members of the party.

2. Object of the agreement

The organizer assumes responsibility for providing the requested service as described in the advertisements and/or in the confirmation order. Service extensions can be considered upon consultation with the organizer. Any extra costs will be borne by the customer.

3. Prices

The effective prices for the offered tour packages can be drawn from the current advertisements from the organizer.
Children reductions will be calculated deepening the age of the child and for hotel rooms depending on the number of full paying adults with whom the child will share the room. Prices are subject to change.

4. Terms of payment

1) Payment Method
<Credit Card> VISA, MASTER, AMEX
You can make a payment by credit card on our online payment system of our website.

<Bank Transfer>  Send payment to the following bank account.
• Bank     :     Maebong Branch, Kookmin Bank
• Bank Address     :  #419-1, Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea  
• Account No.     :     519768-11-001365  
• Swift Code     :      CZNBKRSEXXX  
• Beneficiary     :      KIM’S TRAVEL CO., LTD
• Company Address     :5th Floor Yuil Building, 2728 Nambusunhwan-ro,Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea  

2) The cancellation policy is as follows.
  If the cancellation notice is received before

2-1). Cancellation fee / refund

Except otherwise stated, Tour or package or any product cancelled without due notice are subjected to a cancellation fee according to the following scale :

2-1.1) Short Tours/Attractions/products (with duration of one day or less) and not including train or flight ticket and/or overnight accommodation

- Cancellation between 7 and 4 calendar days before the services begin:

You will be charged a 5% cancellation fee.

- Cancellation within 3 calendar days before the services begin :

You will be charged a 25% cancellation fee               

- Cancellation the day of the services or after :

You will be charged a 100%     cancellation fee (no refund)  

2-2.2) Special request / Private tours AND / OR Tours/Attractions/products including  train or flight ticket and/or hotel accommodations. 

- Cancellation between 14 to 7 calendar days before services begin :

You will be charged 5% cancellation fee.

- Cancellation 7 to 3 calendar days before the service :

You will be charged a 25% cancellation fee 

- Cancellation 2 days before or the day of the services or after :

You will be charged a 100% cancellation fee (no refund)  

In the case of the third party suppliers, the cancellation conditions of the respective supplier apply. These potential costs can be additionally added to the bill.

The customer is not entitled to a refund in the event of a later start or an early departure from the activity. Extra costs incurred due to a later start, an early departure, or the postponement of an activity, are to be paid by the customer.

5. Cancellation or Change of Contract by the Organizer

A minimum number of participants are required for certain programs. The organizer reserves the right to withdraw from the contract also on short notice. If the fulfillment of a contract is not possible at another time or if the customer cannot take part in the alternative services offered, any paid fees will be refunded minus charges for services rendered. Further damage claims are not possible. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the program on short notice if participants cause the fulfillment of a contract to be endangered or made impossible by their behavior, their omissions or other actions. In this case the regulation of the cancellation costs applies in accordance with number 5. If a program or parts of a program cannot be carried out due to Acts of God, safety concerns by the organizer, official regulations, strikes or uncertain weather and nature conditions, the organizer reserves the right to cancel or cut short the activities on short notice. Paid fees will be returned minus charges for services rendered, any expenditures and the handling fee. Please note that a danger-free completion of the activity is in everyone’s interest. All decisions made by the activity leaders are final. The organizer expressly reserves the right to modify the program. The organizer will strive for an equivalent service replacement.

6. Conditions of Participation, Obligations of the Participant

Good health is necessary in order to take part in all activities. The participants are obligated to inform the organizer of any possible health problems. Under no circumstances may participants take part in the activities while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, psychiatric drugs or any similar substances. The participants are obliged to fulfill the conditions of participation and agree to strictly follow the instructions of the organizer, the guides, activity leader, and assistants. If the Conditions of Participation are not fulfilled or if instructions are disregarded, the organizer reserves the right to prohibit participation.

7. Insurance

The participants are not insured by the organizer. The participants are obliged to insure that they have sufficient health and accident insurance coverage.

8. Passport and Visas

It is your sole responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport at the time of travelling and that you hold all necessary visas and permits. Children are required to hold individual passports.

9. Complaint by customer

Complaints will be addressed to Kim’s Travel by phone during the event and then in written. If the source of a complaint is a hotel, the complaint should be introduced as soon as possible so that Kim’s Travel can solve the issue during the stay of the customer.
In any case, a complaint introduced after the return of the customer to his home country will not be taken into consideration. Kim’s Travel cannot be held responsible for the faults committed by third parties such as hotels, bus companies, guides, restaurants, ferries, rent-a-car, yachting companies and air lines. Yet Kim’s Travel will do all what is in their power to solve the source of the complaint if they have been advised in due time.

10. Liability

Damage claims against the organizer or the assistants are excluded, as far as the damage was not caused by negligence or intentionally. The organizer is authorized to have assistants or call on third parties to provide valued services. Should the organizer lawfully transfer the execution of the activity to a third party, the organizer shall not be held responsible for the third party’s actions or neglect during execution of the activity. The organizer will especially not be held responsible for damages which are caused by the actions or neglect of the activity leader should this conduct not fall under his/her contracted responsibility; as cause of actions of third parties, other participants, the participant (especially under point 1), acts of God, natural occurrences, official regulations etc or damages caused by delayed return to the starting point of the activity. Should the participant not follow the instructions of the organizer, activity leader, etc, all liability of the organizer is dropped.

11. Privacy

Kim’s Travel, herewith, confirm that all the personal information given by its customers will be used only and solely for the purpose of the service(s) to be booked by Kim’s Travel and its partners.  This information will not be communicated to any other third parties.

12. Jurisdiction

In case of disagreement between Kim’s Travel and its customers, the matter will be submitted to the Supreme Court of South Korea who has the sole power to conclude. Whatever conclusions will be taken by the Supreme Court of South Korea, this will be the only one that will taken into consideration.